Shadow's Veil

Chapter 7A: Ravenmire Keep

A couple of days after arriving at Ravenmire Keep, the party began to see just how bad thing there were. Lord Drysdale wasn’t allowing anyone in or out of the keep, he was afraid that those whom he had killed to take his position as Lord of Ravenmire were rising from the dead in an attempt to assassinate him. The party noticed that nearly all of the town, to at least some degree, was also being affected by some sort of madness. Even the party was experiencing occasional delusions and extreme mood swings.

The party was approached by Ishmea (shardmind psion) who was an adviser to Lord Drysdale. He told the party he wanted their help to remove Drysdale from power. There had recently been 6 guards and 6 villagers who had gone missing, but Drysdale had ignored it, only concerned about the attempt on his life he believed to be imminent. Ishmea told the party that he believed the disappearances were somehow related to the madness. He also informed them that Drysdale, even before his madness, was a terrible Lord, corrupt and greedy, that if the madness could be removed, the citizens would see how terrible he was and remove him from power. Ishmea joined the party in their efforts.

After asking around and tracking down the source, the party determined there was something suspicious about the Bailiff’s Tower. The tower was locked, however. To get a key, they bluffed a guard into believing he had fallen to the delusion and needed to go home and rest, leaving the key with them so they could stand watch for him. They entered the tower and found a large, burrowed hole, descending 100ft below the surface. The party was able to determine that the tunnel was dug by an umber hulk. They descended, encountering a dozen troglodytes at the bottom of the tunnel, which they made quick work of.

Chapter 6B: Ashenport

After a few days travel, the party arrived in Ashenport, a coastal city that would lead them back east towards Ravenmire Keep (as opposed to trying to travel through the marshes with no map to guide them). There, they were greeted by the friendly townsfolk, however, the party got an odd feeling from them, as if they were being fake.

Ashenport was being attacked by a fierce storm, unlike any the party had ever seen. The party decided to go to the Inn to see if they could find work. There, they learned that the town would soon host a great festival for traders, people from all over would come. They also learned from Feylin (pixie wizard) that there was something weird going on in the town. Feylin told the party that the storm wasn’t natural, it was being created by somebody or something. She also told them that the towns people would go each morning to the temple at the top of the hill, but when she and the rest of the party went to investigate, they found no evidence of anyone being there.

That night, shortly before dawn, the party heard a deep calling, Grandar and Katarina fell victim to it. Everyone affected by the calling rose up and walked towards the cliffs overlooking the waters below before jumping into the water to their death. The party stopped Katarina and Grandar before they were able to jump to their death.

On their way back to the Inn, the party was attacked by some villagers. After an intense battle, Morgain died. The party was able to kill the villagers, however. Continuing back to the Inn, the party accepted the free drinks offered by the barkeep. Shortly after, another calling came. This time, only Feylin was able to avoid its influence. She began to use her Arc Lightning on the rest of the party to wake them from the affects of the call.

The party was then hired by a merchant named Terza to make sure she lived through the events that were transpiring. She allowed her assistant Abel (deva artificer) to join the party to help them out, as well as her guard Vatra (genasi swordmage). The party then learned that the barkeeper had been poisoning the drinks he was giving to visitors to make them more susceptible to the calling.

On their way to confront him, they were attack by a group of fishmen, whom they easily defeated. The party then noticed a large group of villagers entering the church, so they quickly rushed to see what was going on. Upon getting to the church, they found it empty. After searching the church, they found one of the pews had been moved. Moving it revealed a secret passage under the church, they descended.

Below the church the party encountered more fishmen and villagers. They discovered that the people who had jumped over the cliff to their death were, in fact, the fishmen that they were fighting. They also discovered some ceremonial robes that lead them to discover that it was actually a temple to the demon Dagon.

Fighting their way through the temple, the party killed the priest in charge of the place. After emerging once more from the church, there was yet another calling, those affected were quickly saved. The party found some villagers coming back from the coast, after questioning them, they learned that the one in charge was in a cave over the edge of the cliff. The party climbed down and were attacked by the Wrath of Dagon. After a long battle, almost life ending for Grandar, they killed him and ventured into the cave.

Inside the cave they encountered more fishmen. In the inner most chamber they found the Voice of Dagon and engaged him in battle. He summoned 3 guardian demons to assist himself. After slaying the demons and finally seeing through his illusions, the party, after much strife, was able to slay him. They then heard a more powerful call, one that almost drove them to the brink of total madness, as if from Dagon himself, but it subsiding. Abel return to Terza’s service, but Vatra chose to stay with the party. The party then parted the now empty town of Ashenport, leaving for Ravenmire Keep.

Chapter 6A: Ruin

Upon making it back to Fallcrest, the party was dumbstruck at seeing the city lie in ruins. They were greeted by Morgain (dwarf runepriest) who described to the party what had happened. Morgain explained the the city had been attacked by a large force from the west. They were lead into battle by a black dragon. The creatures kidnapped dozens of live citizens and carried them off to the west in cages. The city was then razed by the dragon and its forces. The party decided to follow Morgain’s lead to try to find the origin of the attack, which he had seen came from somewhere near Ravenmire Keep.

Morgain led the party west, towards Ravenmire Keep, along the way they stumbled across a farm. The man there warned the party that ahead lie a dangerous mountain. He told them that people who went onto the mountain were never seen again. He also told them of rumors about people being kidnapped and taken to the mountain, where some dark ritual was being preformed be some dark dragon.

Thinking this sounded like Traevus, the party ventured forth, tracking the creatures that had been moving on the mountain to a cave near the peak. Entering the cave, they found many giants and dark creatures. Along many of the walls throughout the entire cave were polished obsidian mirrors, the mirrors reflect the twisted image of a dragon that revealed itself to be Maluriath. The ground around the mirrors was twisted, appearing like breathing dragon scales.

The party realized that the mirrors were reflecting some sort of dark energy, that a more complete version could corrupt a person entirely, twisting them into the dark creatures they saw before them. The party fought their way to Maluriath and confronted her.

There, they saw a much large dark mirror, one reflecting the image of Maluriath performing her ritual. Even as she stopped, the reflection continued preforming it. The party attacked Maluriath. In the middle of the fight, the ritual was complete, release a powerful dark energy. The party killed Maluriath, however, Katara was also lost in the battle, and the ritual had been complete and would continue to slowly spread the dragon scale-like ground, eventually covering the entire world. The party was unable to stop the ritual, as such, decided to seek help elsewhere. They left, continuing on towards Ravenmire Keep.

Chapter 5: The Forbidden Forge

The party was hired by an agent of the Citadel to located one of their recently missing agents named Jelia. Jelia recently had made an important discovery, but was last seen with a group of goblin mercenaries. Jelia hadn’t been heard of since. The party headed out for her last known location, located in the mountains to the west.

Upon arriving, the party was met by a group of Hobgoblins. After killing all but one of them, they question the hobgoblin before proceeding into the facility built inside the mountain where they encountered many Goblins, Hobgoblins, and constructs. The party met with Dakai, the leader of the goblins mercenaries located here. He revealed to them that the facility was actually a powerful forge, originally built by Haestus d’Cannith. Dakai revealed that Haestus was now a powerful forgewraith trapped in the facility. After extracting all the information they could, the party killed Dakai.

Venturing deeper into the compound, the party came into contact with a Warforged who told them his name was Mor (warforged warden). Mor told the party that he had been kept here a long time as a way for them to train new warforged prototypes. He told the party what he new about Jelia and Haestus, and where he had last seen them. The party allowed Mor to leave.

Continuing on, following Mor’s directions towards Haestus, that party came into a large, empty room. Haestus appeared before them, rising up from the floor, animating the bones in the room to attack the party. After a long, hard fought battle, T’kal died, but the party ultimately survived.

The party then double back to go through the secret door they had missed before, taking a direct route to Haestus. Mor then reappeared, telling the party that he could not allow them to fight in his place, that he would join them. The party then fought Haestus, and after a long battle emerged victorious.

In an adjacent room, the party found the controls for the Forge that was located in the heart of the facility. There, they attempted to shut down the forge, but failed to do so.

Continuing on, they entered a room that had very large, and loud, arcane machinery in it. There, they fought the leader of the hobgoblins that were in the forge, named Valsath. After killing Valsath and his men. In the next room they found Jelia. After negotiating with her, she told the party all she knew. She was very afraid of Calmachia, the mother of the forgedrakes and the heart of the forge itself. The party was able to convince her to shut down the forge, in return, they would report to the Citadel that she had died, and she would be allowed to leave.

The party then confronted Calmachia. After overriding the controls to the forge, Jelia was able to shut it down, greatly improving the odds of the party. After a very long battle, Calmachia was defeated. The party was then forced to decide what they should do with the forge. They decided it best to leave Mor behind to operate the forge, creating an army for the upcoming war against Traevus and his forces. The party then departed back to Fallcrest.

Chapter 4: Umbraforge

The party was told by a strange man to meet him in a back alley in Fallcrest, the he had a job for them. After arriving, the party was ambushed, but quickly killed their attackers, save one. They questioned the man, who revealed that he worked for Modra. They were told that Modra could be found in the basement of the Inn.

Before entering the basement of the Inn, they were spoken to by a man named Brenat. He told them he had fought Modra once, and not to trust him, he was a evil as they come.

The party found a secret passageway in the basement of the Inn, leading deeper below ground. There, they found s Shadar-kai witch and wraiths. They found a second brass key on the witch. In the next room, they found Modra, who wanted the key back. The room had a large, deactivated portal inside, the brass key was to activate that. After a hard fought battle, Tal fell at the hands of Modra and his wraiths. On the verge of defeat, Modra hid himself, stealing back the brass key from the party and fleeing through the portal. The party followed shortly after.

On the other side of the portal, the party found themselves in the Shadowfell. They were mistaken for mercenaries and were escorted to the mercenary camps. There, they learned they were at a place called the Umbraforge. A powerful forge that used the power of the Magma Shadow Rift to power the Dark Foundry. The learned also that Modra wasn’t in charge, Modra had recently botched a weapon sell to a group of mercenaries that his boss, Sarshan had already told him not to sell to. Sarshan was furious with Modra and wanted his head, Modra was planning revenge by sabotaging the foundry where Sarshan did his experiments on creatures. The party headed out to confront Modra and bring Sarshan down.

Upon arriving at the foundry, the party was joined by T’kal (elf avenger) who also had a feud to settle with Modra. The party confronted Modra and, after a brief battle, killed him. They then continued on to Umbraforge Tower where Sarshan was located.

After battling their way up the tower, they were confronted by Sarshan and his elite warrior Thannu. Sarshan, the party realized, was really Brenat in disguise. Sarshan offered the party a chance to join him and rule. Before the party could decline, explosion rocked the entire area. The party realized that although they had interrupted Modra, his damage was enough, the foundry was exploding. Sarshan left the party to Thannu and left

The party made quick work of Thannu, but the tower was filled with hundreds of Sarshan’s guards, and there was very little time left, the entire Umbraforge seemed to be on the brink of exploding. The party was able to quickly reconfigure the portal in the tower that was for Sarshan only to allow them to teleport back to the basement of the Inn, escaping certain death.

In the basement, the party was confronted by Traevus once more. He again demanded The Box back. He told them of how he had tracked them and had even killed Adarah. The party refused and battle started. After a few rounds, it was made abundantly clear the party was no match for Traevus, as such, they surrendered The Box to him. He then left, disappearing in a brilliant flash of lighting.

Chapter 3: Zombies and Dragons

The Zombies

Shortly after arriving back at town, the party was hired by Farian Blackhand. Farian had hired some adventurers to seek out Doran Underhelm, but they had never returned. Farian hired the party to find Doran, dead or alive, and report back to him.

The party made their way to Doran’s last known location, what appeared to be a Temple of Orcus. The temple was almost entirely empty. They went to the basement and found multiple dead bodies, one of which they identified as Doran’s. As the party prepared to leave, a strange magical light shined from one of the corpses, and suddenly the dead rose. The party fought off the zombies, taking the necroshard that empowered them. Upon arriving back in the main temple corridor, they met with Gweavenar (gnome bard).

As the party went to exit the temple, they realized night had fallen, and with it, hundreds, possibly thousands, of undead creatures were outside. The party barricaded themselves inside and were forced to survive wave after wave of zombie attacks. They emerged the following morning, returning to Fallcrest, to inform Farian of the Doran’s fate. Adarah had personal business to take care of elsewhere and was forced to leave the party temporarily.

The Dragon

After surviving the night in the Temple of Orcus, the party was hired by a dwarven blacksmith to
retrieve some dragon scales from a cave that, until semi-recently, had been home to a fierce dragon. The party agreed, and for additional support, the blacksmith had a friend of his, Arryne (tiefling warlock) join them.

After arriving at the caves, they found it was taken over by kobolds. The party fought their way through to the end, finding the corpse of Karonzaxus, the dragon the blacksmith spoke of. There, the kobolds in charge of the cave attacked with their enslaved wyrmling, Taloklaxus, Karonzaxus’ son. The party killed the kobolds and convinced Taloklaxus (whom they called Tal) that they meant him no harm. The convinced Tal to join them. They collected the scales they needed, and reported back to Fallcrest. They were rewarded with a strange Brass Key.

Chapter 2: Khyber's Harvest

After arriving in Blackroot in the Shadow Marshes, the party was greeted coldly by Toraash’Dorrm. When asked about Doria, Toraash said she had left suddenly a while back. The village seemed almost empty, the houses were lived in but appeared abandoned. The party then went to investigate Doria’s house. There, they found signs of a struggle, and followed the evidence to a hidden, guarded cave.

The party uncovered that the cave and village was connected to the Cult of the Dragon Below and the harvest of Khyber. After venturing deep into the cave, they came across Doria and Toraash. Toraash had the Coat of Eyes. The party then found out that Toraash was behind everything, he had been kidnapping villagers to sacrifice, harvesting their souls for the harvest of Khyber. The party engaged Toraash and defeated him, but were unable to save Doria. Adarah took the Coat of Eyes artifact for herself.

The party was able to shut down the Soul Harvester, saving nearly all the villagers. The village was very grateful. The party then departed shortly thereafter, heading back to Fallcrest.

Chapter 1: Traevus and The Box

The original party came together as Katara (elf rogue), Adarah (human wizard), Grandar the Minor (elf cleric), and Katarina (elf fighter) with Ameranth (elf rogue) joining shortly after. The party took a mission from the merchant Traevus in Fallcrest. Traevus asked the party to recover a Box that had been stolen from him. The party agreed and set out for the location that it was taken.

Upon arriving at that location, they were attack by wolves and goblins. After a small skirmish, the party followed the tracks of the goblins back to a dungeon-like cave. Inside, the party came across many fierce enemies, but slayed them all.

At once point, the party came into contact with a White Dragon. The dragon sat on a small pile of treasure, underneath was some sort of magical circle. Grandar spoke to the dragon, trying to convince it that it should go through the portal, it became infuriated and attacked. After a fierce battle, the dragon was slain. Using their knowledge of the Arcane, the party was able to glimpse momentarily through the portal. On the other side, the saw large hordes of treasure, unbelievable amounts, but got the strange feeling that there was something there, most probably an even larger dragon, guarding the treasure.

The party continued on, coming across some more guards who had a mercenary shapeshifter named Jixyn with them. Near the end of the battle, Jixyn return on her comrades and begged for her life. She revealed that Malereth had the box and where he was. She also told them that Malereth was a Necromancer, and had some link to Traevus. The party allowed her to leave alive.

The party finally reached Malereth, who had the box and was surrounded by zombies he had raised. The party made quick work of him, taking the box. Inside the box they noticed a skull with strong dark energies. The later confronted Traevus where he revealed the truth the party about his intentions with the box. The Party then fled back to Fallcrest. On their way, they received a message via carriage pigeon, a message from a contact named Doria Veledaar in the Shadow Marshes. The party immediately set out.


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