Shadow's Veil

Chapter 1: Traevus and The Box

The original party came together as Katara (elf rogue), Adarah (human wizard), Grandar the Minor (elf cleric), and Katarina (elf fighter) with Ameranth (elf rogue) joining shortly after. The party took a mission from the merchant Traevus in Fallcrest. Traevus asked the party to recover a Box that had been stolen from him. The party agreed and set out for the location that it was taken.

Upon arriving at that location, they were attack by wolves and goblins. After a small skirmish, the party followed the tracks of the goblins back to a dungeon-like cave. Inside, the party came across many fierce enemies, but slayed them all.

At once point, the party came into contact with a White Dragon. The dragon sat on a small pile of treasure, underneath was some sort of magical circle. Grandar spoke to the dragon, trying to convince it that it should go through the portal, it became infuriated and attacked. After a fierce battle, the dragon was slain. Using their knowledge of the Arcane, the party was able to glimpse momentarily through the portal. On the other side, the saw large hordes of treasure, unbelievable amounts, but got the strange feeling that there was something there, most probably an even larger dragon, guarding the treasure.

The party continued on, coming across some more guards who had a mercenary shapeshifter named Jixyn with them. Near the end of the battle, Jixyn return on her comrades and begged for her life. She revealed that Malereth had the box and where he was. She also told them that Malereth was a Necromancer, and had some link to Traevus. The party allowed her to leave alive.

The party finally reached Malereth, who had the box and was surrounded by zombies he had raised. The party made quick work of him, taking the box. Inside the box they noticed a skull with strong dark energies. The later confronted Traevus where he revealed the truth the party about his intentions with the box. The Party then fled back to Fallcrest. On their way, they received a message via carriage pigeon, a message from a contact named Doria Veledaar in the Shadow Marshes. The party immediately set out.



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