Shadow's Veil

Chapter 2: Khyber's Harvest

After arriving in Blackroot in the Shadow Marshes, the party was greeted coldly by Toraash’Dorrm. When asked about Doria, Toraash said she had left suddenly a while back. The village seemed almost empty, the houses were lived in but appeared abandoned. The party then went to investigate Doria’s house. There, they found signs of a struggle, and followed the evidence to a hidden, guarded cave.

The party uncovered that the cave and village was connected to the Cult of the Dragon Below and the harvest of Khyber. After venturing deep into the cave, they came across Doria and Toraash. Toraash had the Coat of Eyes. The party then found out that Toraash was behind everything, he had been kidnapping villagers to sacrifice, harvesting their souls for the harvest of Khyber. The party engaged Toraash and defeated him, but were unable to save Doria. Adarah took the Coat of Eyes artifact for herself.

The party was able to shut down the Soul Harvester, saving nearly all the villagers. The village was very grateful. The party then departed shortly thereafter, heading back to Fallcrest.



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