Shadow's Veil

Chapter 3: Zombies and Dragons

The Zombies

Shortly after arriving back at town, the party was hired by Farian Blackhand. Farian had hired some adventurers to seek out Doran Underhelm, but they had never returned. Farian hired the party to find Doran, dead or alive, and report back to him.

The party made their way to Doran’s last known location, what appeared to be a Temple of Orcus. The temple was almost entirely empty. They went to the basement and found multiple dead bodies, one of which they identified as Doran’s. As the party prepared to leave, a strange magical light shined from one of the corpses, and suddenly the dead rose. The party fought off the zombies, taking the necroshard that empowered them. Upon arriving back in the main temple corridor, they met with Gweavenar (gnome bard).

As the party went to exit the temple, they realized night had fallen, and with it, hundreds, possibly thousands, of undead creatures were outside. The party barricaded themselves inside and were forced to survive wave after wave of zombie attacks. They emerged the following morning, returning to Fallcrest, to inform Farian of the Doran’s fate. Adarah had personal business to take care of elsewhere and was forced to leave the party temporarily.

The Dragon

After surviving the night in the Temple of Orcus, the party was hired by a dwarven blacksmith to
retrieve some dragon scales from a cave that, until semi-recently, had been home to a fierce dragon. The party agreed, and for additional support, the blacksmith had a friend of his, Arryne (tiefling warlock) join them.

After arriving at the caves, they found it was taken over by kobolds. The party fought their way through to the end, finding the corpse of Karonzaxus, the dragon the blacksmith spoke of. There, the kobolds in charge of the cave attacked with their enslaved wyrmling, Taloklaxus, Karonzaxus’ son. The party killed the kobolds and convinced Taloklaxus (whom they called Tal) that they meant him no harm. The convinced Tal to join them. They collected the scales they needed, and reported back to Fallcrest. They were rewarded with a strange Brass Key.



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