Shadow's Veil

Chapter 4: Umbraforge

The party was told by a strange man to meet him in a back alley in Fallcrest, the he had a job for them. After arriving, the party was ambushed, but quickly killed their attackers, save one. They questioned the man, who revealed that he worked for Modra. They were told that Modra could be found in the basement of the Inn.

Before entering the basement of the Inn, they were spoken to by a man named Brenat. He told them he had fought Modra once, and not to trust him, he was a evil as they come.

The party found a secret passageway in the basement of the Inn, leading deeper below ground. There, they found s Shadar-kai witch and wraiths. They found a second brass key on the witch. In the next room, they found Modra, who wanted the key back. The room had a large, deactivated portal inside, the brass key was to activate that. After a hard fought battle, Tal fell at the hands of Modra and his wraiths. On the verge of defeat, Modra hid himself, stealing back the brass key from the party and fleeing through the portal. The party followed shortly after.

On the other side of the portal, the party found themselves in the Shadowfell. They were mistaken for mercenaries and were escorted to the mercenary camps. There, they learned they were at a place called the Umbraforge. A powerful forge that used the power of the Magma Shadow Rift to power the Dark Foundry. The learned also that Modra wasn’t in charge, Modra had recently botched a weapon sell to a group of mercenaries that his boss, Sarshan had already told him not to sell to. Sarshan was furious with Modra and wanted his head, Modra was planning revenge by sabotaging the foundry where Sarshan did his experiments on creatures. The party headed out to confront Modra and bring Sarshan down.

Upon arriving at the foundry, the party was joined by T’kal (elf avenger) who also had a feud to settle with Modra. The party confronted Modra and, after a brief battle, killed him. They then continued on to Umbraforge Tower where Sarshan was located.

After battling their way up the tower, they were confronted by Sarshan and his elite warrior Thannu. Sarshan, the party realized, was really Brenat in disguise. Sarshan offered the party a chance to join him and rule. Before the party could decline, explosion rocked the entire area. The party realized that although they had interrupted Modra, his damage was enough, the foundry was exploding. Sarshan left the party to Thannu and left

The party made quick work of Thannu, but the tower was filled with hundreds of Sarshan’s guards, and there was very little time left, the entire Umbraforge seemed to be on the brink of exploding. The party was able to quickly reconfigure the portal in the tower that was for Sarshan only to allow them to teleport back to the basement of the Inn, escaping certain death.

In the basement, the party was confronted by Traevus once more. He again demanded The Box back. He told them of how he had tracked them and had even killed Adarah. The party refused and battle started. After a few rounds, it was made abundantly clear the party was no match for Traevus, as such, they surrendered The Box to him. He then left, disappearing in a brilliant flash of lighting.



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