Shadow's Veil

Chapter 5: The Forbidden Forge

The party was hired by an agent of the Citadel to located one of their recently missing agents named Jelia. Jelia recently had made an important discovery, but was last seen with a group of goblin mercenaries. Jelia hadn’t been heard of since. The party headed out for her last known location, located in the mountains to the west.

Upon arriving, the party was met by a group of Hobgoblins. After killing all but one of them, they question the hobgoblin before proceeding into the facility built inside the mountain where they encountered many Goblins, Hobgoblins, and constructs. The party met with Dakai, the leader of the goblins mercenaries located here. He revealed to them that the facility was actually a powerful forge, originally built by Haestus d’Cannith. Dakai revealed that Haestus was now a powerful forgewraith trapped in the facility. After extracting all the information they could, the party killed Dakai.

Venturing deeper into the compound, the party came into contact with a Warforged who told them his name was Mor (warforged warden). Mor told the party that he had been kept here a long time as a way for them to train new warforged prototypes. He told the party what he new about Jelia and Haestus, and where he had last seen them. The party allowed Mor to leave.

Continuing on, following Mor’s directions towards Haestus, that party came into a large, empty room. Haestus appeared before them, rising up from the floor, animating the bones in the room to attack the party. After a long, hard fought battle, T’kal died, but the party ultimately survived.

The party then double back to go through the secret door they had missed before, taking a direct route to Haestus. Mor then reappeared, telling the party that he could not allow them to fight in his place, that he would join them. The party then fought Haestus, and after a long battle emerged victorious.

In an adjacent room, the party found the controls for the Forge that was located in the heart of the facility. There, they attempted to shut down the forge, but failed to do so.

Continuing on, they entered a room that had very large, and loud, arcane machinery in it. There, they fought the leader of the hobgoblins that were in the forge, named Valsath. After killing Valsath and his men. In the next room they found Jelia. After negotiating with her, she told the party all she knew. She was very afraid of Calmachia, the mother of the forgedrakes and the heart of the forge itself. The party was able to convince her to shut down the forge, in return, they would report to the Citadel that she had died, and she would be allowed to leave.

The party then confronted Calmachia. After overriding the controls to the forge, Jelia was able to shut it down, greatly improving the odds of the party. After a very long battle, Calmachia was defeated. The party was then forced to decide what they should do with the forge. They decided it best to leave Mor behind to operate the forge, creating an army for the upcoming war against Traevus and his forces. The party then departed back to Fallcrest.



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