Shadow's Veil

Chapter 6A: Ruin

Upon making it back to Fallcrest, the party was dumbstruck at seeing the city lie in ruins. They were greeted by Morgain (dwarf runepriest) who described to the party what had happened. Morgain explained the the city had been attacked by a large force from the west. They were lead into battle by a black dragon. The creatures kidnapped dozens of live citizens and carried them off to the west in cages. The city was then razed by the dragon and its forces. The party decided to follow Morgain’s lead to try to find the origin of the attack, which he had seen came from somewhere near Ravenmire Keep.

Morgain led the party west, towards Ravenmire Keep, along the way they stumbled across a farm. The man there warned the party that ahead lie a dangerous mountain. He told them that people who went onto the mountain were never seen again. He also told them of rumors about people being kidnapped and taken to the mountain, where some dark ritual was being preformed be some dark dragon.

Thinking this sounded like Traevus, the party ventured forth, tracking the creatures that had been moving on the mountain to a cave near the peak. Entering the cave, they found many giants and dark creatures. Along many of the walls throughout the entire cave were polished obsidian mirrors, the mirrors reflect the twisted image of a dragon that revealed itself to be Maluriath. The ground around the mirrors was twisted, appearing like breathing dragon scales.

The party realized that the mirrors were reflecting some sort of dark energy, that a more complete version could corrupt a person entirely, twisting them into the dark creatures they saw before them. The party fought their way to Maluriath and confronted her.

There, they saw a much large dark mirror, one reflecting the image of Maluriath performing her ritual. Even as she stopped, the reflection continued preforming it. The party attacked Maluriath. In the middle of the fight, the ritual was complete, release a powerful dark energy. The party killed Maluriath, however, Katara was also lost in the battle, and the ritual had been complete and would continue to slowly spread the dragon scale-like ground, eventually covering the entire world. The party was unable to stop the ritual, as such, decided to seek help elsewhere. They left, continuing on towards Ravenmire Keep.



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