Shadow's Veil

Chapter 6B: Ashenport

After a few days travel, the party arrived in Ashenport, a coastal city that would lead them back east towards Ravenmire Keep (as opposed to trying to travel through the marshes with no map to guide them). There, they were greeted by the friendly townsfolk, however, the party got an odd feeling from them, as if they were being fake.

Ashenport was being attacked by a fierce storm, unlike any the party had ever seen. The party decided to go to the Inn to see if they could find work. There, they learned that the town would soon host a great festival for traders, people from all over would come. They also learned from Feylin (pixie wizard) that there was something weird going on in the town. Feylin told the party that the storm wasn’t natural, it was being created by somebody or something. She also told them that the towns people would go each morning to the temple at the top of the hill, but when she and the rest of the party went to investigate, they found no evidence of anyone being there.

That night, shortly before dawn, the party heard a deep calling, Grandar and Katarina fell victim to it. Everyone affected by the calling rose up and walked towards the cliffs overlooking the waters below before jumping into the water to their death. The party stopped Katarina and Grandar before they were able to jump to their death.

On their way back to the Inn, the party was attacked by some villagers. After an intense battle, Morgain died. The party was able to kill the villagers, however. Continuing back to the Inn, the party accepted the free drinks offered by the barkeep. Shortly after, another calling came. This time, only Feylin was able to avoid its influence. She began to use her Arc Lightning on the rest of the party to wake them from the affects of the call.

The party was then hired by a merchant named Terza to make sure she lived through the events that were transpiring. She allowed her assistant Abel (deva artificer) to join the party to help them out, as well as her guard Vatra (genasi swordmage). The party then learned that the barkeeper had been poisoning the drinks he was giving to visitors to make them more susceptible to the calling.

On their way to confront him, they were attack by a group of fishmen, whom they easily defeated. The party then noticed a large group of villagers entering the church, so they quickly rushed to see what was going on. Upon getting to the church, they found it empty. After searching the church, they found one of the pews had been moved. Moving it revealed a secret passage under the church, they descended.

Below the church the party encountered more fishmen and villagers. They discovered that the people who had jumped over the cliff to their death were, in fact, the fishmen that they were fighting. They also discovered some ceremonial robes that lead them to discover that it was actually a temple to the demon Dagon.

Fighting their way through the temple, the party killed the priest in charge of the place. After emerging once more from the church, there was yet another calling, those affected were quickly saved. The party found some villagers coming back from the coast, after questioning them, they learned that the one in charge was in a cave over the edge of the cliff. The party climbed down and were attacked by the Wrath of Dagon. After a long battle, almost life ending for Grandar, they killed him and ventured into the cave.

Inside the cave they encountered more fishmen. In the inner most chamber they found the Voice of Dagon and engaged him in battle. He summoned 3 guardian demons to assist himself. After slaying the demons and finally seeing through his illusions, the party, after much strife, was able to slay him. They then heard a more powerful call, one that almost drove them to the brink of total madness, as if from Dagon himself, but it subsiding. Abel return to Terza’s service, but Vatra chose to stay with the party. The party then parted the now empty town of Ashenport, leaving for Ravenmire Keep.



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