Shadow's Veil

Chapter 7A: Ravenmire Keep

A couple of days after arriving at Ravenmire Keep, the party began to see just how bad thing there were. Lord Drysdale wasn’t allowing anyone in or out of the keep, he was afraid that those whom he had killed to take his position as Lord of Ravenmire were rising from the dead in an attempt to assassinate him. The party noticed that nearly all of the town, to at least some degree, was also being affected by some sort of madness. Even the party was experiencing occasional delusions and extreme mood swings.

The party was approached by Ishmea (shardmind psion) who was an adviser to Lord Drysdale. He told the party he wanted their help to remove Drysdale from power. There had recently been 6 guards and 6 villagers who had gone missing, but Drysdale had ignored it, only concerned about the attempt on his life he believed to be imminent. Ishmea told the party that he believed the disappearances were somehow related to the madness. He also informed them that Drysdale, even before his madness, was a terrible Lord, corrupt and greedy, that if the madness could be removed, the citizens would see how terrible he was and remove him from power. Ishmea joined the party in their efforts.

After asking around and tracking down the source, the party determined there was something suspicious about the Bailiff’s Tower. The tower was locked, however. To get a key, they bluffed a guard into believing he had fallen to the delusion and needed to go home and rest, leaving the key with them so they could stand watch for him. They entered the tower and found a large, burrowed hole, descending 100ft below the surface. The party was able to determine that the tunnel was dug by an umber hulk. They descended, encountering a dozen troglodytes at the bottom of the tunnel, which they made quick work of.



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