A powerful black dragon who can shift into different forms, the most common of which is a human merchant. Has powerful lightning magic, but little is known about him.


Chapter 1: Traevus and The Box

Traevus originally hired the Party to retrieve a The Box that had been stolen from him. Traevus provided little information to the Party. Upon bringing The Box back to Traevus, Adarah used Instant Friends on him, to learn what he truly intended to do with The Box. He revealed to them that he had planned to use The Box to revive the ancient and powerful Morgana. Traevus also revealed himself to be able to change his appearances, and that his original form was that of a black dragon. The Party then decided to keep The Box and flee from Traevus while he was still under the effects of the charm.

Chapter 4: The Umbraforge

After the Party had escaped the destruction of the Umbra Forge, making it safely back to the basement of the tavern in Fallcrest, they encountered Traevus once more. This time, he demanded The Box, using magic to track the Party’s location. He also revealed that he had killed Adarah recently. The Part refused to surrender The Box, after a brief and very one sided fight, the Party realized they were no match, and surrendered The Box to Traevus, he then disappeared in a flash of lightning.


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